January 4, 2012 § 3 Comments

I am red. I am fire, I am passion. I am Queen Elizabeth roses. I am love. I am apples. I am rage. I am blood. I am BELOVED. I am LOVED. I am a dancer. I dance. I am a writer. I am a fighter. I am pain. .I am wine. I am rich. I am raw. I am VIBRANT. I am desired. I am queen. I am CINNAMON. I am CAYENNE. I am CRIMSON and CLOVES. I am rusty. I am BRIGHT and dark. I’m the whole room. I am the party. VAMPIRE. flashy. LUST. I am JEALOUSY. I am SAGE. I am presents. I am suffering. I am ALL HEART. I am broken. I am consuming. I am WOMAN. I am beauty. I am seduction. I am pure artist. I am creation. I am built of red bricks. I am death. I give life. I am flying.I am a children’s story book. I am entrepreneur. I am 0.000001%. I am craved. i am silent power.


Yes, the color that best describes me is definitely red.

I am red. 

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§ 3 Responses to Red.

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