old friend

January 19, 2012 § 10 Comments

Saw you today
Time passes, I am waiting by the phone
Waiting to hear your voice, to hear your tone across the phone
And I don’t even like you, but the pain of life without you is biting
I miss your laugh, the way we get along so famously
I miss our obsessive confessions, and our addictive pretentious behaviors
I miss your silent stature, your avoided days of disaster, your present state of distress
I’m cinnamon, cloves and fire, you are the rested cedarwood of desire
I miss our opposing views and how we laughingly dispute
Now I feel my heart throb, because I love you like a sister loves her blood
Each drip that bleeds, reminder of our girlhood days
The nights spent in our tree’s
A day spent with dares and prestigious childhood adventures
This tear can’t keep the gift of memory from me

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§ 10 Responses to old friend

  • Ashish jain says:

    really touching….. liked it very much


  • Dumu Abzu-a says:

    What an incredibly moving post! I am glad I learned of your work, as your latest post peaked my interest, making me want to explore your amazing writings. You’ll probably hear this a lot, but you are very talented, you know that? The art of writing is a sacred science, and being gifted with this powerful skill is something to be proud of, and should be cherished. A sign of possessing this sacred gift is the effect one’s writing has on the reader. When the writing evokes powerful emotive states in the reader, holding him or her spellbound by the beauty of each sentence, and each and every word, then the writer’s mission is accomplished, for having the ability to evoke such feelings in people through the power of words is an act of the most wonderful magicks. From your writings it is clearly obvious that you are gifted abundantly, as this text made me experience a range of emotions, almost making me shed a tear that I could feel pressing in the corner of my eye. As I am quite a fiery and passionate person, who is neither ashamed, nor afraid, to fully express any emotional state I am experiencing, I greatly admire others who are able to express themselves in like manner. It is for this reason that your writings appeal so much to me. It takes great courage to express yourself in this manner, as one lays bare one’s most personal passions, desires, hurts, and joys, and in doing so one becomes subject to the very things one writes down, thus undergoing an intense process of balancing out the emotions involved. It works very therapeuticly and is a great way to regain some form of inner peace when one finds himself, or herself, in times of great distress. Even though the subject of my own writings is very different from yours, like a world apart, the emotions involved are the very same, and knowing fully well how one is impacted by writings such as in this post I can do nothing else but admire and appreciate your art, for I use a similar style of writing which, like yours, is put down in manner that is highly descriptive and based on a choice of words that is best fit to convey your thoughts and which are best suited to stimulate the readers imagination, elevating the reading experience to much higher levels, leaving the reader in awe by having him, or her, become part of your world, sharing in the experience on a spiritual level.

    I noticed that you have already many readers, still you can add one more, as I will certainly be frequenting your wonderful blog.

    Keep up the good work, and stay blessed.

    My regards, Dumu abzu-a.


  • Wow, I was fairly happy before I read this. Now I’m so so sad 😦 That’s how potent this poem is. You’re a great non-writing writer.


  • I am just an avid reader of you. And I wish that I could write like you. You depicts exactly what my thoughts are most of the times. I will love to be your type of writer IF i ever given a chance. So phat!

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