glass house

March 7, 2012 § 3 Comments

Glass and metal view
Trees and all their glory
—granting me liberty

Perched up on the 9th story, this world is mine to take.

Hazelnut coffee, raw chocolate chai tea, blank piece of paper.Happiness complete.
The train, my God, my beauty plunging in to say goodmorning.
All my “friends” surround me. not one knowing my story.

My lips are fierce with passion. My heart spins fiery beats
a rhythym lives within my fingers and dances in my feet.

My train calls to me daily she loves to see me gaze, our friendship is an odd one
she only gives and never takes- it’s her unconditional state.
I’ve put her to the test, she never fails to come, my perfect bout of glory, my stately girl of peace.

The world I held so closely, she played me like a game,
I released and left her laughing to stand on my own two feet.

I look young yet I am old, my mind knows untold stories
this heart of mine… unsophisticated, naive
each beat spilling over   as if to tease.

My laugh is unlike theirs- it does not miss a tune
it drinks this beauty over looking the view from my glass, green world.

If this is a book or a story,
then it’s mine,
it is sacred, it is holy.

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