my baby my boo

July 7, 2012 § 43 Comments

My baby-my boo, my spirited fool, my storybook pleasure, my best friend and companion. My right hand, my wingman,       the    death   of   my    independence. My freedom, my eyes, my desire, my prize, the hands that hold my feet up so i can look over the wall to the other side. My baby-my boo, my demon, my crazy, my chaos my whole heart, my confusion my illusions. My heart gaining composure, my rested hands enclosed in yours, my heavy, my heat, my baby, my beast. My sun, my dark sky, me on my knees begging for one more try. My music, my brain, my beat, my veins, my blood–you are in there amongst all the rage. My torturous pleasures, my addictions my endeavors, my adventures and travels, you are there ever ever. My baby-my boo, my death, my whole world, my drive, my ambition, my ticks of time are yours too. My craving my weakness, my ability to let loose, my fall down surrender, my give in–my admittance to accept you. My baby-my boo, my toy, my boy-my false truth, my steps amongst the best, my highest aspirations-all coming true. My baby-my boo–my whole heart. you. Me? left behind watching from the sidelines, wondering when i’ll come back to live within my own ticks of time, live in my brain, beat in my own heart, suffer on my own accord, break at the will of no one-but my own. My baby-my boo, i must go, i love you, but i love me so much more and my heart can’t afford another triumphant defeat of a boy who i cannot really keep –close to my heart like i crave. And this hush-a-bye romance keeps me wired-spiraled letting loose all the dreams that i ache. My baby-my boo, My whole heart, i miss you, i see you, i freeze you–don’t move, ’til i say to. Say goodbye and i watch you, walk away with my boy, my spirited fool, my beast and my heaven my cravings my attention, my death and my life, my muse and my writings. My baby-my boo. My baby-my boo. My spirited fool-always always.

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