it’s that simple, it’s that much

July 13, 2012 § 40 Comments

I’m sitting next to you-and this is all i want.

sitting next to you–rush enough, i don’t even have to kiss you–your presence means that much.

I’ll be your Dominique Francon if you’ll be my Howard Roark–i’ll be your story book character, if you promise to let me keep you here forever.

Making gluten-free, goat cheese & basil pizza while singing along to Jimmy Durante’s “…make just one someone happy“. I’m dancing on the table –you’re laughing, we’re drinking too much wine–half dressed–i’ve never felt so alive.

and if all i ever had was your hand, and the rest of your body could not be had–that’d be enough, it’s that simple it’s that much–to me who thinks you are that incomparable to anyone i’ve ever wanted. it’s just that simple, it’s really so much.

jumping on our bed- laughing, play fighting-pillows flying–that’s enough. it’s that simple.

I want to wake up, drink green ginger tea in bed while reading about the sad events of the world, you’ll grab me –and i won’t care about tea stains that flow around me–it’s that simple, it’s that simple, it’s really so so much.

i want to cook you dinner every night for the rest of your life. i want to surprise you with your favorite foods, your favorite wines & deserts, i want to make you the happiest man in the world, for the rest of your world. i want to wake up early to make you green spirulina smoothies before you go off to work. i want to have dinner parties with all of our married friends–play card games & charades while eating raw chocolate, late into each evening. I want to lay in bed and read with you, i want to listen to all your problems.    I want to be the exception, I want to be the two that make it work–forever. It’s that simple, it’s that much.

And I know money’s important in marriage, but i want you to know that i will stand by and support you through anything, i will make you bigger, better, more successful and stronger then you ever could have been without me. And together we will be unstoppable. it’s that simple, it’s that much.

i always swore I would marry my best friend. I don’t need a knight in shinning armor, a white horse, a fairytale castle, i don’t need millions of dollars–i just need you. and together we can live extravagantly or plain and simply-in a castle or a treehouse, winding marble stairs, or a wood & rope ladder–either will do, as long as it’s you who is climbing up, going up…. every   day   with   me.

You are the best man i’ll ever have known, and I’ll be worth your every affection–because I am worth so much more then what I have shown to have seemed to deserve.

I haven’t been the best that I could be, I haven’t always walked with grace, with integrity, but I’m changing…

Because you’re the one I’ve waited for my whole life. it’s that simple and that much

I want to be young with you,  grow old with you. i want to die at the same time as you, and be buried side by side.

“Love is the answer,
Someone to love is the answer.
Once you’ve found her, build your world around her.

Make someone happy, 
Make just one someone happy,
And you will be happy, too”

Because together, we are that simple, we are really so so much.

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