evil poppy

July 15, 2012 § 12 Comments

“Coco, you you you quirky bundle of mischievous atoms, you current resulting from the flapping of faeries’ wings, you lazy cradle cat, you tortoise-shaped cloud, you breath of dying martyr, you red dancing shoes in sprightly legs, you bubbling well of good spirits, you dizzy American, you shameless secret whispered by ruby lips, you fancy hat on a fine head, you you you evil poppy!”

the boy in the hat 

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§ 12 Responses to evil poppy

  • Dumu Abzu-a says:

    The Boy in the Hat has a good imagination and an excellent writing style! But then again Miss Ginger is the sort of person that inspires the most beautiful poetry and the most gorgeous works of art, like a modern day Mona Lisa.


  • JA Leonard says:

    Now I know I am being too literal here, but let’s get something straight. Poppies are beautiful, dainty, delicate crepe-paper like flowers that are a gift from the earth and a medicine when used wisely. Evil is a bit harsh. Men turn them into opium and heroin, and that is bad. They make a lovely, relaxing tea that isn’t the least bit addictive for a responsible person, and a painkiller for those in need, or just a decorative wonder, or tasty little seeds for bagels and shit.
    Anyhoo, I’d have compared you to a pink ladyslipper, myself, which is a rare and beautiful orchid around these parts. Something like that seems more appropriate to me. No offense to you or the boy in the hat, but I have to stand up for one of my favorite flowers, of which I grow in my garden.
    Evil, pshaw!!!!! Poppies are wonderful. And so are you, you gorgeous ladyslipper. I understand his intent perfectly well, but I’ll be damned if I let anyone encourage the belief that poppies are somehow responsible for people’s drug addictions by claiming they are evil, and I feel this is as good a place as any to make a grand statement that can surely change the world’s attitude toward a terribly misunderstood flower. I will sleep easier tonight knowing my job is done here. Yup. Ah-huh.
    Take it easy Ginger, and peace to poppies everywhere.


    • Vincent Mars says:

      Let’s clear this mess I’ve got myself into.

      Poppies are red and fancy, and I like them much.
      Evil in the sense of intoxicating and giddy.

      An evil poppy is no ordinary flower. Coco is no ordinary poetess.
      When she walks barefoot on the beach she leaves no footmarks in the sand.
      When she sits and writes her fingertips spark colorful lights that waltz giddily about her, illuminating her.
      When she sweats, she smells of lavender.
      When she walks outside in the night, the moon cast a beam on her, moonlighting her path.
      When she weeps alone in her bathtub the butterflies about her house flap to shadowy nooks to lament her fate.
      When she tosses her hat in the air it always falls back on her head, fittingly.
      When she sleeps, faeries sprinkle magic dust on her, to keep her magical.

      To conclude, Coco remains an evil poppy!


  • Great comment! What sort of poppies would one grow to make this wondrous, helpful tea?


  • […] Heartbrake symptoms vary from person to person. One can compare being heartbroken with ‘feeling like an empty glass full of nothing’ or in more curious cases, with ‘feeling like an evil poppy’. […]


  • Myrna Wirtjes says:

    I really love poetry, Poetry helps me express my own feelings. I usually write my own poetry in a scratch paper and a small notebook. ‘***,

    Hope This Helps!


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