even if it breaks your heart

September 11, 2012 § 31 Comments

If the boy across the hall was real, I would slap him.
He wrote the meanest blog post about me, it’s maddening.
If I ever see him, I will use magic to turn into a vampire, and I will bite him.
He turned our once playful encounters into my worst nightmare disaster.
If he dies, I will not attend his funeral.
I took down every post I ever wrote about him.
I’m going to a surgeon to eradicate each brain cell
that has any memory left of him.
I’m going to use my Love Hacking Voodoo doll to bring him the meanest girl he could imagine.
He stole my ‘Blue Eyes Blvd’ sign off my door so the other boys couldn’t find me.
He called me a hoard of mean names, then kept on laughing.
He said I need a slap in the face, i need to stop pretending.
Then said, keep on dreaming
never stop your brilliant lyric writing—i turned my back
started dreaming, he pulled his gypsy-killing knife    and started stabbing at me.
I think he asked Peter Pan for flying lessons and got rejected,
i think he’s taking it out on me because then he said:

 “I love you, I will do anything to have you”

Either way, I’m drinking this last cup of cayenne coffee
and forgetting his Scrooge-like villain syndrome forever.

too bad the boy with the hat  had not the time to warn him
‘don’t ever ever EVER pick a fight
with a poet’.

[POOF he’s gone. YAWN. This story is so boring,I’m pouring myself some champagne, putting on my red dress and going dancing. Kiss Kiss.]

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