Can you really fall in love…

September 15, 2012 § 24 Comments

..with someone you have never met?  <—CLICK

I say YES. If  you are  BOLD. If you are fearless.

What do you say?

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§ 24 Responses to Can you really fall in love…

  • I would have to say, yes, I do believe in love at a distance, at first site, but I have always been a lovesick romantic. My opinion on the power of love may be overdramatic to some. Still, you can get a lot about a person at first glance (the way they carry themselves says a lot about character if you are perceptive).


  • JessicaHof says:

    No – you can fall in love with your idea of them, and if you are lucky and never meet them, you can stay in love 🙂


    • pilgrimdj1 says:

      yes i like that idea !


      • valleyroadrambler says:

        I like Jessica’s comment too, but I would add (from my imagination, not personal experience): it is possible that your idea of the other that you have fallen in love with is close enough to reality that when you do meet the other in reality, love remains. It is possible.


  • irfriske says:

    I say yes, because some of us have never really met our true, full self, and how much fun it is to love that self… anyway!


  • iancaimercer says:

    Yes, but so often the reality pulls the rug out from underneath any romantic notions. I used to do internet dating, but when I ‘actually met’ girls whose profiles were, ‘amazing’ they’d say or do something that wasn’t mentioned on their profile, maybe that’s just my experience.
    You can imagine anything, even being bold and fearless, but it would be The Reality that would make or break it!!


  • Oh yes I believe you can fall in love that way , I don’t believe it is or will be the forever kind of love as all to soon you find that one of you didn’t quite tell the truth or has an annoying habit or attitude that comes about after your together awhile. Now love at first sight is another matter!


  • totalovrdose says:

    Appreciate the reblog Ms. Ginger. Thank you


  • myrthryn says:

    I’d say yes, though it is easy to fall in love with the idea of someone. I speak from experience having attempted three long distant relationships with two women..(the first one twice…was actually engaged for a time despite fumbling the ring onto the ground)


  • suchaprick says:

    Yes! Love works in a mysterious way. and when it happen, joys pour over you and no words can ever describe it.


  • xs2rahulz says:

    yes but i guess we slip into love now a days!


  • pilgrimdj1 says:

    I believe you actuially have to be very careful as I wanted to fall in love as its there wired into all of us….I internet dated fell in love, kept my distance, got drawn in, got married, then it all went wrong and in the end had to seek an anullment, and got damaged in the process. Best not to meet if you want to stay ‘in love in your head’


  • bounce51 says:

    Imaginary infatuation might be fun , but not very durable


  • Dumu Abzu-a says:

    This is a complicated question, the answer to which lies largely in one’s interpretation of falling in love. Infatuation would be a better word in this case. The concept of love is one without reason. Once it lays hold of a person all rational thought becomes distorted, even though it seems to make perfect sense to the one afflicted. It takes enormous amounts of self reflection, as well as total control of one’s will, to master the overwhelming power, and irrationality of thought, that is caused by this most primal emotive state. Yet it is necessary, for if the mind knows that the “infatuation” will most likely never be answered, and the heart keeps focused on this now virtually unattainable goal, then the feelings of “love”, of longing, turn into much darker emotions, as it is torture of the most cruel kind to allow oneself to keep longing for that which cannot be yours. Unfortunately I had to learn this the hard way… Having suffered such torture before, however, I am very well aware of the folly of falling in love with someone that one only knows from computer based interaction. It is very easy to become trapped in feelings of “love” in such cases, but one must take control of the afflicted mind, and reason must be restored. I must honestly admit, dear Ginger, that I too feel greatly infatuated with you, which makes not as much sense as it appears to do, for such infatuation is only based on the very little knowledge I possess of the true Miss Ginger. Your excellent skill with the written word, and your love for literature, which speaks of a highly intelligent and developed mind, is a major point of attraction, not only to myself, but to all men of like mind. Your exquisite physical appearance, which can be easily perceived as that being the form of a goddess incarnate, is, of course ,another major point of attraction. For such, no physical meeting is necessary, as your pictures speak for themselves. We often hear people speak on the matter of physical appearance, and when they do they often try to sound wise and noble, saying: “It is not important how one looks on the outside. What matters is the beauty on the inside of a person.” And if one thinks otherwise, one is often marked as being shallow. Well, fuck that! It has very little to do with being shallow. The behaviour of finding a suitable mate that is pleasing to the eye is hardwired into our beings, and is one of the oldest mechanisms integrated into human nature, as its main purpose is to ensure the continuation of the bloodline through procreation. Though I must admit that it is neither a necessity, nor is it a foolproof mechanism, as the procuring of offspring with a favourable and attractive mate depends on various complicated factors. It is at this point that love becomes infinitely intricate, as falling in love has very often nothing to do with procreation at first sight, but may just be the desire to share one’s life with another. Yet the very reason of falling in love has first and foremost to do with the passing on of one’s genes, thus ensuring the survival of one’s bloodline, even though this desire may not at all be perceived by the conscious mind. But I digress from the subject at hand… As I said earlier, I too feel quite infatuated with this interesting woman that I know as Miss Ginger, and hadn’t I have had proper control over my emotive states it might very well have been called “falling in love.” We know this, however, to be an unreasonable thought, for how can one truly be in love with another human being when one has never met, and know so little about? It is quite simple actually. Until one has established a personal bond with the “object” of the infatuation, one can never speak of truly being in love with that person because that individual does not yet represent a full person, but rather a concept of that person. It is very unwise to fall in love with such a concept, as the true person’s manifestation may greatly deviate from the pre-perceived concept, making for a nasty surprise when one thinks the dream came true in those rare cases that one has gone to great lengths to find and meet this person, and with enormous effort has finally facilitated the meeting of a lifetime, only to find that the person one had been so madly in love with turns out to be quite differently.

    And despite my grip on reality, I cannot deny that the “concept” you represent is already enough to greatly affect my being, and if there had been any possibilities of meeting you I had gladly accepted such a chance. I would very much enjoy the opportunity to get to know you a little better, to see what makes you tick. That is quite a rare feeling for me, as there are not that many humans with whom I feel the need to learn who they truly are. Had you lived within reasonable distance I would most likely have offered you to share a meal together. Such is not the case however, and therefore it would be very foolish of me to invest effort and energy into a matter that I already know cannot be accomplished. Allowing any foolish notions of such a desire to take over my rational thought would only cause great harm to myself and confusion of the mind, without any beneficial gain in the end. It is better to be satisfied with the knowledge that I at least have met you, have interacted with you, and have the honor of being able to enjoy your gorgeous skill with the written word, than it is to pursue you on a level that I’ll never be able to reach. You are far out of my league anyway… The very idea of you, or at least a woman like you, being interested in me is ridiculous. You are the kind of woman that can have any man she desires, and I… I am something very different altogether. Perhaps my infatuation for you is caused by recognition. In some of my work I refered to you as being a goddess, and not just because you look like one, but it may very well be that it is the blood of divinity that runs through your veins. You do so strongly remind me of the great Inanna, and the recognition of a Brother, or Sister, is like second nature to us, as the blood calls to each other. Whatever the case, I am just happy to know you. I hope that the person you choose to be with will understand how fortunate he is, that he will treat you in a proper an honest manner, and that he will praise each day that he is in your company. Perhaps, one day, I will find my very own goddess too, who will understand and respect what I am, and who will accept, and share in, the heritage of the Asharuic people.

    My regards, Dumu Abzu-a.


  • cadenceofthewind says:

    Yes, and I am the living, breathing example of this. I met by best friend online and we fell in love with each other after one month of talking. That was almost two years ago. Last May we finally met in person, and he stayed with me for four months. I live in Canada and he is from Finland, and I am now planning to go visit him there (hopefully in the winter). What I have to say to people who don’t believe in online relationships is that if the people involved in the relationship are honest with each other and are both are willing to make it work, there is no reason why the relationship shouldn’t work. It takes a certain kind of people to get an online relationship going (and a certain kind of people to keep alive), but it is very possible. I talk with my boyfriend for about eight hours a day, and though some people may thing this is completely crazy, meeting him is the best thing that has ever happened to me. 🙂


  • I sure hope so. Like that Buble character, I figure I just haven’t met them yet.


  • joehinojosa says:

    Only in that it’s possible to fall in love with an ideal nestled safely in your mind. Once you gain proximity with the object of your affection reality will begin to color your perception of that love.


  • Coco! See what troubles good writing can do. Nevertheless, keep writing!


  • Running in Mommyland says:

    Yes, yes yes!!!!!!!


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