Red and fancy

September 24, 2012 § 15 Comments

Poppies are red and fancy, and I like them much.
Evil in the sense of intoxicating and giddy.An evil poppy is no ordinary flower. Coco is no ordinary poetess.
When she walks barefoot on the beach she leaves no footmarks in the sand.
When she sits and writes her fingertips spark colorful lights that waltz giddily about her, illuminating her.
When she sweats, she smells of lavender.
When she walks outside in the night, the moon cast a beam on her, moonlighting her path.
When she weeps alone in her bathtub the butterflies about her house flap to shadowy nooks to lament her fate.
When she tosses her hat in the air it always falls back on her head, fittingly.
When she sleeps, faeries sprinkle magic dust on her, to keep her magical.

To conclude, Coco remains an evil poppy!

the boy with a hat

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