September 25, 2012 § 43 Comments

Did my honesty upset you?
Did my self-respect make your stomach burn?
Did my clarity spite you?
Did my spreading adoration make you feel undeserved?

Did my courage make you crazy? Cripple you with the unknown?
Did my silence create desire—make you feel things you could not discern?
Is my shinning light exploding? Can your eyes not yet adjust?
Is my forgiveness running through you? Knowing your pain I will not digest?
Is my confidence disrupting the girl you  LOVE to HATE  the most?

I hope so.

….watch me rise like smoke from fire.

watch me fly above your hate.

watch me dance upon your meanness
like a ballerina with posture; grace.

watch me laugh over your hatred;
watch me soar above your sea of grief.

And know that     i     am     out      there


 C     R    U    S    H    I    N    G.

CRUSHING pain, CRUSHING sadness, CRUSHING self-pity, CRUSHING bad habits, CRUSHING hate, crushing mediocrity while inviting in genius—a bit of   insanity   for   happiness.

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§ 43 Responses to RISE

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