Camel-shaped clouds

November 18, 2012 § 32 Comments

Her name was Coco and she tilted her hat and then raised her head to the correct angle to appear pretentious. She put on her highest heeled shoes and strutted across the street in a ridiculous fashion.

The most popular boy in the entire earth had just rejected her. She was near to overdosing on champagne and chocolate. For to not have the glory of his popular-ness and phantasmagorical cool surrounding her was tragedy she could not bare.

She was off to the library. She would research, discover what went wrong, and then write an introspective prose about it. She didn’t have any friends. She was alone, so alone. And her computer was away from her, and she lost her iPhone too!

She had no dates and no one in love with her. This grieved her. She wept. As her tears fell to the pavement, a Boy with a Hat holding a miniature baby elephant balloon approached her.

‘You are really pretty you are! I like the way your heart bounces out of your chest when you step… Oh! And I really, really like your hat. Is it 100% natural straw, isn’t it?’

He knelt in front of her and tied her dangerously undone shoelace using glue of the stickiest kind. Then he rose and clapped his hands: trumpets sounded in the distance, clouds took on fantastical shapes, and red poppies starting growing through the cement.

Coco’s hat turned from straw to gold and was covered in diamonds and rare jewels. She curtsied the boy in the hat, and he tipped his hat. He handed her the balloon.

‘You take it! I fancy you’

The moment she held the string the elephant balloon rose in the air, lifting her from the ground. Coco began to fly!

‘Oh my!’ Coco said startled.

‘Farewell,’ the boy shouted, taking off his hat and waving with it at her.

‘Help!’ Coco cried, but nobody heard her. She rose to the clouds.

When Coco was out of sight, the boy put back his hat and went about his business.

‘Serves her well,’ he thought. ‘Heeled shoes to the library… Just imagine!’

PS: This post is dedicated to The Boy with a Hat, who likes my hat and thinks my smile is toxic, like an evil poppy on a sunny day.

PPS: This post is also dedicated to Coco. If she were airy, she would be wind resulting from the flapping of hummingbirds’ wings!

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