November 20, 2012 § 12 Comments

too happy to live
too happy to breathe
too happy to think
[think think think]
i think I shall kiss
without think
yes yes yes
with Kona Cayenne stained lips
one cinnamon tongue…

[you can’t catch me]

watch me laugh laugh laugh
and dance dance dance
with my hips hips hips
and my lips lips lips
watch my kiss kiss kiss
without think think think
and you can dream dream dream
that it was……

[you can’t catch me —I am dreamer]

I’m ready, i’m bursting with color
i’m highlighed in the best this world has to offer—

i’m open—not tainted, refusing jadation—that lifeless color you turned to when you cut me down with your pridation
I am not behaving
i am re in car nated
from the past i strangled with such pleasure

[you can’t catch me, I am dreamer]

come look
feel the rush, realize
i am not of the same earth you are made from

[you can’t catch me, run faster…]

I wanna play. Hello, hi hi hi remember your dreams? I’m still dreaming i’m still dreaming i’m still dreaming representing creating reaching i’m still dreaming i’m still dreaming i’m still dreaming….
(you hit your low, lost all control)shhhhh keep quiet baby, keep brain down, set loose all logic—fly…

[you can’t catch me, I am dreamer]

sun raging through my skin sparkling off my eyes –i will not submit to time, i will not be recognizable by your kind
try to reach me, try to catch me —i dare you

heart of a queen you’ll see me burst at the seams

[you can’t catch me]

Ha ha ha
This is fun fun fun
Life is better
Now that we’re….

[I am dreamer.]

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