Last kiss

December 23, 2012 § 14 Comments

One last kiss before you go
one last blow to my soul
another remembrance [I am not yours]
I knew it in that kiss last night
you want the parts
that shine so bright
You pick apart the best in me—
Leaving without the rest of me
I knew it in that instant
I felt it in that kiss
You were the best of selfish men
that ever did exist.
And as I said
I wouldn’t fall…
I fell behind.
As I said
we could be friends…
I say goodbye.
Like the elevator  in which we met
I watch you rise
knowing you’re the best
most selfish man
for whom I ever had eyes
The best most selfish man
to whom I say goodbye.
If elevators were for loving
I’d lay with you forever
But what goes up
must soon come down…
And my hearts tears are finally
Feelings I didn’t know I had
are rising.
I tilt my head, glance
your way
In recognition
of the best most selfish man
—as you fly
up, away
Out of my life
Chest rises
Heart slows as I’m reminded
of your simple ways
all the nights we swayed
So kiss me hard before I find
you were the best most kindest man alive
Kiss me hard, before I find
your selfishness was pretend; a fearful disguise
I knew it in that instant
I felt it in that kiss
You, were the best most selfish man
ever to grace my precious cayenne stained lips.
I say goodbye
Yet  I  do  not  cry
Because you were the best of the best
to teach me why…
…and with that thought
i rise.

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