Who is he?

January 27, 2013 § 21 Comments

How do I feel? I cannot tell you. My blood is electricty.
He sucked out my soul and wrote his brilliance upon it.

He blew it back, preventing breath, choking me—I cannot be the same.
He named the person I loved, after I told him I’d never been in love. How?
I’ve never met one like him. He challenged me. He wants me to be better, more than I want it.
He sees me through eyes of a King, viewing his Queen— I know I am a gypsy, he sees a prize.
Am I?
My iron will is birthed under his spell.
Insecurities suffocated with just one joke.
Who is he? Who am I?
I am not who I was… I am so much more, than ever imagined.
He is the man inside, I have never seen, yet always known, always prized, always wanted to be,
and now, I watch his life-form tick in front of me, I see my world unraveling with the speed of a jet plane.
Everything is changing too fast. I know I will not stay the same.
This is the best day of your life“, he said. Yes. Yes, he said it before I knew it.
Everything I’ve known will be dissolved. My brains conditioning, rebuilt.
Who is he? He is me.
The ‘me’ i didn’t know I could be… before he sucked out my soul and re-wrote each rhyme.
I’m afraid. Freedom is frightening. I don’t want to be everything I can be.
I will be too much. Such success will smother my breezy limited beliefs. I’ll have to accept my talent, my brilliance.
I’ll have to say yes to myself over and over. I’ll have to not look back.Β I’ll have to give up so much. This hurts already.
I wasn’t ready for this. I don’t want this change— but I’ll take it, with my heart cut wide open.
How fierce is my newborn iron will? How strong is this stranger inside of me?
Wanna play?
I’m ready.

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