miss you miss you now i have to kiss you

February 8, 2013 § 16 Comments

I miss you, and it’s okay—
these are the feelings
I won’t restrain,
tame, rearrange—
to fit an ice-covered heart.
[miss you miss you now i have to kiss you]
If being real means hurting,
then I’ll hurt [happily].
Evidence of pumping blood
a ticking heart
this dreamers brain.
So  I miss you—
it hurts
I let it,  accept it
[miss you miss you now i have to kiss you]
I close my eyes— stall the hurt,
turn off hearts beats,
stop the think.
Fall into dreams
where I can kiss you
and not breathe.
[miss you miss you  but you won’t let me kiss you]
I miss you, and it’s okay…
It’s  just  you
just  me
[miss you miss you  i’m going to kiss you]
in my dreams
*  *  *

***This post is dedicated to my friend Binay Singh from Patna, India, who is suffering from a broken heart. He does not know how to say goodbye. Please leave a comment below, if you have advice for him. Thank you! :]

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§ 16 Responses to miss you miss you now i have to kiss you

  • Goodbyes are easy. Allowing someone’s memory live inside you, to shape you, change you – that takes a little courage. But love isn’t for the feint of heart now, is it?


  • rheath40 says:

    The best way to let go is to stop communicating with the person completely. Fill your time with other activities. Don’t listen to sad music. Don’t read sad stories. Cry when you need to. Be angry too. Throw shit if you have to. Know that your heart will heal. The scar will make the heart stronger. You will love again. Pet a dog. Pet a cat. Live your life again, slowly…


  • deadpoetdormis2 says:

    do not try to say goodbye in your heart. Continue to love but realize you can love others. Watch or read “Love In The Time Of Cholera’ but know that you can love someone forever and never have them in this lifetime.
    Write them a letter and say goodbye – then burn it or send it to them.
    And finally realize this, “People may let you down. People may suddenly turn on you. People may break your heart. But God will never do any of the above.” – Dormis Aeternitas
    “Do not seek the because – in love there is no because, no reason, no explanation, no solutions.” Anais Nin


  • Memories. I’ve found memories are what make it hard. It is hard to let go off someone and move on when you have all those memories.

    Have a few days to cry out, be upset, pissed, etc. And then just sort of try to force yourself to walk away from the place you are. It always helps realising that you may be clinging for long but the other person has been gone for a while and there’s nothing. Nothing but you.


  • In times like this I get domestic. I invent chores to keep myself busy. Clean and scrub and rearrange until things look different. And until I’m too tired to think anymore…


  • Kip Light says:

    The “solution” is different for different people and for different situations. The only thing you absolutely MUST understand is that the only person/thing you have total control over is your own reaction to what happens around you and to you. We each control our own happiness or lack thereof.


  • Wow, that hit close to home. Thank you Coco.


  • rtd14 says:

    There is not a simple solution. For me, the best way to heal was to go out in the world and do the things I enjoy doing. Great post! I hope your friend feels better!


  • yerennyca18 says:

    Accept that the person doesn’t feel the same, write out your feelings, scream if you have to, cry and accept that you still love them and it might have been a great love, but there’s still more love to come. Take a deep breath, write out your feelings and then let it go.

    Great post!


  • Sophia R. Locke says:

    I’ve had many of the same feelings after my recent heart break. He would pop in so many of my dreams for weeks after. I missed hugging him, having him hold me, talking to this person that I had considered a true friend.


  • irisoniris says:

    To Binay Singh,

    Be proud of your heart that it bleeds (so many hearts are dead).
    The hurt now will be part of your beautiful story later.
    Take the time to feel the pain and let it contribute to who you are, then, after it has fully realized its purpose, step out of it and into your next adventure. Remember that a heart capable of caring so much is also capable of healing itself, but timing is everything. Love yourself and keep the faith that life still has a lot of magic and happiness in store for you. 🙂


  • Sighs….. Yes, if being real is hurting… Then I was just being real this whole time.. Thanks for this!


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