special friend

February 11, 2013 § 14 Comments

My special friend has gone away
He took my heart and left—
just the other day.

I said, ‘don’t go’,
But he couldn’t stay
He said he must be on his way.

He took his baggage I couldn’t claim
Bought a ticket to Lonely Lane.
I said, ‘be fair’
He said, ‘let’s fight’
We ran in circles,
’til the mornings light.

Dizzy in my head
I stopped for breath,
Stared him in the eyes
As he reached into my chest.

I said, ‘be careful,
I’d like her back’.
He sighed and took her
Smooshed her in with the rest.

I said, ‘That’s it? Just like that’
He laughed, then tilted his swag top hat.
Dressed in a suit
he looked devastating—
my debonair man
with my most prized baby.

I haven’t seen her since that day.
She must be living
on Lonely Lane.
My special friend has gone away
but without my heart,
I don’t care—
I don’t feel anything.

—Coco J. Ginger


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