you’re not fast

February 20, 2013 § 35 Comments

fancy woman winning
You want to know me, but you can’t,
my  heart  runs  circles
’round your head— and you’re not fast.
You want to see me, but you can’t,
I am cayenne, I am gypsy, I am mad.
You want to beat me, but you can’t,
I’m not competing, there’s no comparison,
I’m the best.
You want to chase me, but you won’t,
I am fighter, I am brilliant,
you know— you’ll finish last.
You want to stop me, but your games won’t last.
I am real, I am ticking, I am your heart-attack.
You want to kiss me, but your courage won’t last,
you will repent, like you have sinned,
you’ll say you regret our lips last spin.
But I liked it, I like what can’t be had,
so I’ll say it, just to make you mad.
I’m just me, and me is fire, the heat inside the gold that you desire.
I am winner.
I am winning.
I am woman.
Watch me laugh.
You can’t play,  I  invented  the rules
of The Gameand you’re not fast.
I thought you were a gambling man,
but every time you roll the dice, you throw me all your fire.
It’s not fair, the way you trade me your desires,
inspiring me with your heart of barbed wire.
You want the upper-hand but I’m not yet tired.
As you conspire, I cross-fire, my words turn into live wire
BLEEDING across your screen.
I’m still a mystery—because you’re not fast.
Run faster,  you can’t catch me,
I am faster…

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