a new heart

February 21, 2013 § 71 Comments

He knocked on her door, she answered. He grinned,
she laughed brightly.
With an air of  charm, he reached inside her chest,
and  pulled out her heart.

He smiled with pride.  She was paralyzed,
and turned cold.

He left.
Next night she received an email notification. It was a blog post, her heart was the star.
He had punctured and sliced her heart,
tattooed funny words all over her,
so he and his friends could look at her heart and laugh.
She didn’t cry, she couldn’t,
she didn’t  have a heart. She felt nothing.
Then, something magical happened.
As the boy  slept, a fairy came down casting a magic spell upon him,
turning his heart of black into GOLD.
When the boy awoke he felt sad, and overcome with shame.
He wanted to repair the pretty writing girls heart.
He wanted to erase the words and bring her heart
back to HAPPINESS.
He looked at the damaged heart,
nostalgia flooded his new gold heart
as he remembered
how pretty she was
when she was beating bright.
He wrapped her heart in fancy gold paper,
tied her with a bright red bow, held her  upon his chest,
until he heard her  beat  fiercely and bright
…just the way he  found her.
He walked across the hall, BANG BANG BANG.
She didn’t answer.
Next night again, BANG BANG BANG.
Still, no answer.
Perplexed, he walked back across the hall,
he wondered why she did not answer.
“In your absence”, her thoughts responded to his brains question,
“I  created  a  new  heart.
She  is  living  inside  me  now,
and now that I can feel,
I know  you cannot be trusted
with my most prized possession.
You say friendship should be kept,
but you betrayed my loyalty,
when you carelessly played with the brightest part of me.”
“Keep the old heart.
I no longer need her.
I hope you mend her,
bring her back to HAPPINESS,
and give her to a new girl who one day
may need her.”
“Remember how pretty she was   when she was beating bright.”
*    *    *
New hearts can be created.
Broken hearts will be recycled.
And with love and magic,
black hearts can be
transformed into gold.
So Smile.
Because your eyes sparkle when you do
A smile is the stem,  to the blooming
of a new heart.
[Beat bright and bloom.Beat bright and bloom.Beat bright and bloom.]

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