The Un-friending Friend :(

February 28, 2013 § 63 Comments

social media heartbreak :)
He unfriended me on Facebook, so I blocked him from my twitter.
So many days of emoji filled texts, cannot believe it’s ended like this.

With a tear in my eye I make my page private, while
obsessively clicking his profile, praying he will turn his updates to public.

No reason to update my status,
No reason to tweet what I’m eating,
when he won’t be reading :[
Not even coffee can cure this heartbreak
this social media ache.
He unfriended me on Facebook,
broke my heart with just one click.
I’ll never add him back again, I’ll not even read his blog.
What sort of friend un-friends a friend and denies them of their ‘updates’?
My head is spinning, my heart is on twitter tweeting about this twang I feel.
You un-friending friend.
Can’t believe you tore my heart out again…
…I feel a poem, I hear her coming
My Poetess’ brain is in revenge mode,
my pen ready to throw a dramatic tantrum
Yes, I must tell all my followers,
I will blog about this right away—
after I tweet what I had for breakfast.

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§ 63 Responses to The Un-friending Friend :(

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