Cayenne Blood

March 10, 2013 § 28 Comments

Your words BROKE MY HEART. I looked in the mirror as tears disrupted the tone of my perfectly circular rosy cheeks.
As I watched each tear fall, I couldn’t help but notice my hair  was extra versatile, and particularly bouncy that day— so…. I reached for the brightest lipstick I could find, slipped into the steepest stilettos I could manage, opened a bottle of champagne, dashed a sprinkle of cayenne through the  stem, before pressing the glass to my freshly  stained cinnamon lips.

I went dancing  all night long.

I awoke in stilettos with a cinnamon tasting smile.
I snapped my fingers…
you didn’t appear in my head
I had danced you out of my body
finally your ghost had left.
You can take the heart out of a girl,
but you can never suck out  her cayenne blood.
You can bite my heart  baby,
but you’ll never taste my  cayenne blood.

[have I punctuated this post all wrongly? *Sigh* I knew you were good for something…]


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