Fly Again

March 25, 2013 § 71 Comments

By: lysanne26721Two-ish weeks ago, life as I knew it started to bre / ak.
What I had worked so hard for
was unraveling in front of my eyes.
I fell apart.
I spent a few days
in utter despair.
I had a choice
Either continue downward— falling apart as I was…
I could bring my body, soul and brain back to TIP-TOP condition
and prepare for battle.
Force mind to cut clutter,
teach heart to erase chaos
while allowing soul to be clear,
ready for any changes she might have to embrace.
So  that’s just what I’m doing.
I’ve cleared my body of every vice and dependence
(except coffee— can’t, won’t give up coffee)
I’ve started back on a rigorous workout routine to keep my endorphins flying.
I’ve added new habits to replace the old,
keeping innards  on the straight and narrow.
If I’m going to go down
I’m going to go down FIGHTING; feeling INCREDIBLE.
And IF I fall to the bottom…
I guarantee, you will see me soar back up  [again].
I can’t control past mistakes, or the world.
I CAN and WILL control my mind,
I can and WILL guard my heart,
 be proactive 
Remember, it’s not how far, or hard you fall
but your ability to get up OFF THE GROUND
re-build your broken wings


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