Bloody Baby

April 13, 2013 § 12 Comments

cold_by_vegarden-d487368You stare at your reflection in the mettle shine.

It’s sharp like a knife, cold like a knife, still like a knife, silver like a knife, and shaped like a knife.

Yet you refuse to believe its a knife—
until it cuts you,
until your blood is dripping, until the blade is embedded inside your baby beating bright.
“How could I have been so blind?” You’ll ask yourself.
It was sharp like a knife, cold like a knife, still like a knife, silver like a knife and shaped like a knife.
It was always a knife.
You thought your touch could reshape its form, melt its sharp edges. You thought your baby beating bright could cure it’s cold touch, would dull the reflection that stared blankly back your way…
You thought ‘just because they say its a knife doesn’t mean it really has to be a knife…’
Now… you’re on the ground, defenseless in regret, drenched in crimson pride— and no one’s going to save you.
You’ve already cried wolf to the only one who could save you the most precious one you knew
You pretended so long— but now the cut can’t be ignored because blood from your heart is dripping.
[Thank God for grace. Thank God for second chances.]
Stand up on your feet bloody baby. Stand up while you are BRIGHT RED, stand up while you are still bleeding.
Take one last look into the sparkling shine that mirrors your blank expression— remember how it felt when it finally cut in deep.
Remember how you ached as it carved through your center— through your baby beating bright. Remember how you begged for grace, to be released, to be saved as they raged within your soul reaching for your power, grasping for control.
Is this the life you want?
Is this the life you want bloody baby?
Take one last look in the cold, still knife. Pick up your bloody baby beating brightleave your pride.
It’s time bloody baby, to call the knife exactly what it is.
It’s time bloody baby to see— to see yourself [beautiful] as you are— heal your baby beating bright,
and start your new life…

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