Don’t say anything.

May 19, 2013 § 12 Comments

passionate kissSave  me  the  knowledge
[you  cared].

Kiss   me.

Wind me up—china cherry-lipped baby doll.
Hold me—priceless.
Suck out my tick-tock,  lipgloss  stodgy  puckered-up
halo’d kiss.

Educate me— cardamom,
ginger, cinnamon—anything that burns me numb.
Sin? Yes.  I’m in.
Transform my candy cane heart to
cayenne fire.
Leave me breathless
feeling like death
without your electrical desires
pushed into my candy coated empty chest.
Bunk beds; pez-men. Light brights—
you and I [shhhh] tonight. New York Cities electricity.
Manhattan all alone, gosh it’s cold, you’re so pretty
—looking sinly,  cinnamon mixed with
pure white snow.
Be my wind-up-boy-toy baby. Kiss me crazy.
But don’t…
say anything.

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§ 12 Responses to Don’t say anything.

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