Gumball Baby

June 2, 2013 § 8 Comments

You charge me 25 cents. You  make  it  so  damn  easy. You give your brilliance away, as if it meant nothing. You charge me 25 cents and think of yourself like chewable candy.
I like the price. It’s cheap, it’s easy.  I chew you up,  until the flavor has  dulled me.
You’re my Gumball machine baby, you make it so damn easy, you never take yourself seriously. I chew you up then spit you out, like you meant nothing. Your brilliance is bought with pennies.
Put a lock on your  trap. Don’t you think you’re worth something? More than 25 pennies?
You’re such a pretty baby, but I treat you,    like you treat yourself.
I yawn,  because you mean nothing.
You’re just a Gumball machine baby, deriving from menothing.
I say, “put a price on it baby”, but I hear you speak, and realizelike your words, your worth means nothing.
I hand you your pennies, then spit you out, because  your  unimaginative  flavor  has  bored  me.
That’s the price you pay.
Don’t hate me for treating you    the way you asked me…when I paid the exact price you were asking.
You’re a Gumball machine baby. I chew you up then spit you out. I treat you as you’ve taught me, and learned—  your worth is nothing.


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