People treat you…

June 5, 2013 § 15 Comments

…as they treat life, as they treat themselves

How do you treat others? What does your life mean to you?

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§ 15 Responses to People treat you…

  • sinarazibjj says:

    well said… so it’s not how you treat them? I guess it’s not… probably as you’ve said: from the lens of “as they treat life, as they treat themselves”


  • Erik says:

    It’s nice to think that people treat themselves the same way as others, but this doesn’t happen until they’ve walked the other person’s wandering ways.

    Until we reflect upon other’s experience as our own, we haven’t learned how we should be treating them, or ourselves.


    • sinarazibjj says:

      Sorry for the rant, but I’m going to give it a go: If we are a collective intelligence, it would be assumed one would take the time and care to reflect upon the experiences of our fellow brother’s and sisters located in other parts of the globe. Bare in mind (this was not addressed in Coco’s quote), do we agree there are societal/environmental factors which also come into play as to how one treats life/themselves. If man is the culmination of soul, heart, mind, body as I believe we are – and if we and environment are contributing to an undeniable imbalance in these avenue’s at the individual level, then it can cause suffering – the product of which becomes: how we treat others. So I see this life as an opportunity – and surely a gift – for humanity to reach its potential, collectively… to achieve harmony… and this potential is unveiling itself as we speak. oss.


  • Life is precious, whether it is of others, mine, or in general. So treat it as a treasure, to be held close to one’s heart only for a short period of time.


  • I like your post, Coco. The motto on my blog says “You should always treat others as they themselves wish to be treated.” – this is something I believe in because it shows respect to the feelings of other party, and takes away the self-centered thinking. It’s a paradigm shift from “Treat others as you wish yourself to be treated.” Thanks.


  • I always try to treat others in the same way as I would myself like to be treated – with respect, however being a fallible human being I do, on occasions fall short of this high ideal.


  • thewondermya says:

    With Love and understanding as much as I can.


  • Mike says:

    A simple rule: respect for self, respect for others.


  • On the one hand, I care too much. On the other, life is a chore. Maybe those two things are related… Hmmm. Your words speak truth, Coco…


  • Good grief! I wish that this statement were not true. I’m thinking about some of the mean and nasty people that I deal with on a daily basis. Nobody’s life deserves such miserable treatment.


  • J.A. Vas says:

    I like this statement and question! 🙂 I treat life as the ordinary life that is manifold. and this is how I try to treat people. to do justice to their individuality. but, damn!, this is soooooo hard. 😉


  • mjtannian says:

    awesome point. it’s hard to love others if you don’t love yourself.


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