“You have failed…”

July 10, 2013 § 13 Comments

… she shouted, triumphantly parading around me
like a pixie-plastic-knockoff barbie doll.
(She, so enthralled by my endeavors—
what a bore !)
I walked off silently, knowing—
she had not the courage which violently
drove me to push gut out of  heart— into head,
out of  head, into pen…
pushing me forward
again and again
(no matter the measure of pride lost
no matter the width in hearts break
no matter how sharp the words piercing through
to stall my quick-witted hearts beats)
I would collect each failure
as one might collect words in a traveling journal.
I would fail, document, fight, grow
and thrive.
Mistakes  will  be  made.
Failures  documented,  and
triumphs  known

in  the  heart.
I’ll not be defeated.
I’ll not defend.
I’ll not be swayed—
my spine won’t bend.
I will stay silent
inside my head.
My innards will fight
without so much as a sound,
because in my world
—you’re just a trend.

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