Cookie-Cutter Baby

July 16, 2013 § 20 Comments

dancing_in_the_rain_by_candela_di_vita-d373yuqShe’s a cookie-cutter baby
living in the Paradise of cities
with the cookie-cutter education
and the cookie-cutter hobbies.
She’s a cookie-cutter doll
with a cookie-cutter Country Club.
She has a cookie-cutter body made of sugar, butter
and money;
a cookie-cutter brain and a cookie-cutter heart.
She’s white, pale, vanilla
designed to play the role
she’s been given.
But she doesn’t have a cookie-cutter soul;
the cayenne inside her
ready to explode—
and for the first time in her life 
She explodes out of her cookie-cutter role.
She becomes the girl
she adores.
Her vanilla transforms—
She’s a cookie-cutter baby brimming with
cayenne, ginger, cinnamon and gold—
if you look real close
you’ll see the scars where her wings
erupted   through her cookie-cutter body
setting free
her cayenne soul. . .

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