a quarter of a year

February 13, 2014 § 10 Comments

big_rooftop_thinkingThree months equals one quarter of a year. 90 days ago, we started talking  again.
Off. On. Off. On. Off. On— Yawn!
Hello. Goodbye. I hate you. Get over it. Don’t cry. Hello. Hello. Goodbye.
One quarter of a year I realize I have wasted. It makes me think time means nothing to you. It’s like chewing bubblegum on a careless day, it doesn’t register in your brain, just as I never registered in your heart.
You keep chewing, blowing, popping and one day…POOF!  Your time is gone. Just as I’ll be gone. I’ll take time with me and we’ll sail far away from your careless bubble gum chewing.
And far from you we will tick on  in race with time. We will create, we will say ‘Hello‘ and only ‘Good morning‘, and 365 days of the year we will make haste, we will beam— we will radiate.
Because one quarter of a year is too much time to waste.

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