Praise for Coco J. Ginger

“Coco J. Ginger, you are a gift!”—
“Wow you pack punches and beautifully so in few words.”—
“I feel like I could have written these words. They’re simple, but oh’ so true…”—
“I’m so mesmerized with your words.”—
“A amazing Poet. She take you to better places with good words.”—
“Few words but thought-provoking….wonderful!”—
“Love the simplicity of the words but still evokes emotion !”—
“Beautiful piece of poetry that contains a lot of heart using so few words. Awesome work.”—
“…you’re are a rare talent. Cheers!”—
“Wow. Hauntingly gorgeous. Great poem!”—
“Just too much, too deep, too REAL . . . . .”—
“Great Work…speaks to the IOT (Internet Of Things) and relationships which are started, but never fully develop as a result of being the “Ink Boy”…Thank You For Sharing Coco J. Ginger.—
“‘I know our words are typed, but they started in your heart…’ I’ve honestly never thought it like that. Very nice.”—
“Says it all. Succinctly. My hat is off.”—
“Your blog is f*cking excellent.—
“Beautifully poignant in such a few words.”—
“Wow. This touched me deep inside. Really great!”—
“I think I have Coco-dependency.😎”—
“You’ve worded this beautifully. I wish I didn’t understand, but unfortunately I do. You just described the the last 2 1/2 years of my life.”—
“I love the originality of your work.”—
“I like the first two stanzas, they are so Dorthy Parker, a straight-forward and honest question.”—
“Whimsical, a little sad, and quite, quite beautiful.”—
“She speaks. You Listen.”—
“A amazing poem by a outstanding Poet. Please read her work and enjoy.”—
“Awesome! Extremely thoughtful and brilliantly executed:-)“—
“It touched my heart. Very well written.”—
“Wow.. You’re my favorite poet! The depth you put in is viscous..”—
I printed this out and put it inside my grandmother’s cookbook were I can read it over and over. This is certainly my all time favorite poem of yours to date. The first four lines (I love this day, this perfect day, this this gorgeous day, this happy day) have a cadence that reminds me of the sound a woman makes while stirring batter, the wooden spoon catching the side of the bowl.
This poems speaks truth in a deeply felt way.”—
“The description is superb the play with words is awesome and the point to be conveyed is dome easily.
Awesome to say the least.”—
“Just when I once again mistakenly imagine that you could not possibly get any better, you write something like this! Oh, my! How rich in talent, skill, and substance! I was only four lines deep when the rhythm of all creation; of true love, captured me. I was moved to read those lines again and again before I could even float on down to drink in the rest. Beautiful poem, beautiful writer, beautiful person.”—
“Amazing.. Just wow.. Each time I read your posts, I just get mesmerized. Really great work. Your work is full of personality.”—
“I just love the way you write. Its refreshing. After reading, I can close my eyes and say that life is good.”—
“Superb !”—
“I see Coco is as poetical and as adventurous and as poetically adventurous as always. All’s well.”—
“You are reaching new heights!”—
“Stunning, magnificent!!”—
“Such amazing, beautiful talent!!”—
“Good imagery and intense description.”—
“Love this – each reading gets better…bravo!”—
“Breathtaking. There is something so heartbreaking here, yet so beautiful. I love the clock imagery and the way I interpret it’s meaning. The lines about the big hand chasing the small are just amazing.”—
“Well, f*ck me, this piece is bloody brilliant.”—
“Well, this just hit my spot. Great job.”—
“You’re simply unstoppable Coco.”—
“A powerful piece! I had to go back and read it a second time. Kudos!”—
“Your every poem is so relatable , awesome !”—
“I think most of us have been there, but few of us have expressed it nearly so well. Salute!”—
“What inspires you to write, Coco? I really love the way you write!”—
“Eloquently put. This really resonated with me.”—
“Truly inspiring, intelligent, and unique insights! I hope you don’t mind, but I will probably reference your quotes throughout my blog:)“—
“Excellent, and so very true!”—
“A wonderful read I was with you from start to finish and beyond”—
“I adore the rhythm and beauty of: “She traded in her dreams when she handed him her heart
But corners of the closet aren’t for girls with wings.” Pitch-perfect.”—
“Hi, I just discover your blog, and wanted to say I much I enjoy your writtings. Truly inspiring!”—
“Simple and powerful!”—
“Wonderful words!”—
“Poetic genius . . . are YOU! ❤”—
“It’s like a poem hug! Thanks for sharing:)“—
“I can so relate, sharing this one brilliant!”—
“Oh, the deliciousness of Coco J. Ginger!”—
“This is the first thing I came across today and it is so lovely. So wonderful. Enjoy.”—
“I love your photos and poetry. Always a pleasure journey in your words.”—
“You’re my favorite poet & always amaze me with your written artistry!”—
“Beautiful Poem really love that line “she is made of cayenne and gold”—
“It is sad when someone is unable to love and to feel loved. Your words are lovely and true.”—
“This is what poetry should be.”—
“Lovely writing, I’m glad I stumbled across your blog!”—
“Once again another gem! You write effortlessly, Coco J. Ginger!”—
“My favorite poems reflect reality and this one, within its lovely flow of words, speaks thoughts that we all have but rarely put a voice to. You get to the core of the matter and I appreciate your work more and more.”—
“Such beauty and tenderness. I love pondering the moon and all its wonder. You take that wonder and make it shine brighter than ever.”—
“I know little to nothing of poetry but this stuff of yours appeals to an inner recess/ bypasses the intellect…”—
“I don’t know why but I keep coming back to this poem, it’s beautiful!”—
“Beautifully written!—
“Your poem asks taunting questions.”—
“Lovely courtly dance between opposites. I like your ending that sees the charade.:)“—
“How do you borrow words from divine !?!
Can you share the tips and the tricks !?! 😉😊”—
“Brilliant and personal. Such care and preciousness of one’s love expressed in a way that paints so many pictures in me. Thank you.”—
“This is brilliant!”—
“Your emotions speak through these words, sadly so much truth too, but so beautifully penned..”—
“Sad and perceptive – and forgiving. Wonderful writing.”—
“…can relate so much, keep em coming!”—
“If Calvin Klein’s obsession needed a poem this would be perfect perhaps ? 😀”—
“Hey Coco! You’re poem is amazing as usual !”—
“Ooh, lingers…”—
“So perfectly and beautifully written❤”—
“Oh, Coco, this is fabulous. I love a last sentence turn-around that grabs my attention and makes me think. You’ve accomplished something wonderful in this writing. ~Ginene”—
“Wise insights beautifully written. Splendid poetry.”—
“I’ve missed reading your blog! you still amaze me.. so good❤”—
“Coco is amazing. Please read her outstanding poetry and thoughts.”—
“Amazing images – especially “words like broken beaded necklace.” Sense of his being hauntingly just out of reach is sad for lover and beloved.”—
“Even if it this about “nothing” your words have great energy.”—
“Your words are beautiful. Left me speechless, as always.”—
“How do you manage to hit the right chord always Coco?”—
“This is deep, and challenges my current writing style to become more well-rounded and open.”—
“I can hear a voice reading every word like the photo on a perfect afternoon, it’s soothingly beautiful:)“—
“Another writer who can capture what one feels. Pride can crush the heart. So we wait in silence.”—
“Pure beauty, I reblog this !!! Thanks for expressing so magically what lays in my heart too 🌺🌺🌺❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏”—
“Beautiful opening of your heart.❤”—
“Simple and meaningful. Beautiful.”—
“Truly beautiful words!”—
“Wow. You ARE quite a powerful Force of Nature, aren’t You??”—
“What a joyful and beautiful work. It made me feel joyful inside.”—
“Your poetry is lilting.”—
“Amazing photo and words by an amazing writer. Please enjoy her outstanding site.”—
“Adore this.”—
“Love, love, LOVE!”—
“So so beautiful !”—
“Even the nothing is something. It sure must be better than hurting and crying and wishing. Good expression of the heartbreak lane.”—
“So beautiful once more ! ❤️🌺🙏❤️🌺🙏❤️🌺🙏”—
“Deep, dark, and powerful!”—
“Love is so many things in your poem. Heartfelt and lovely.”—
“You are so wonderful and write beautifully!!”—
“You have a fabulous blog and I want others to find it too!”—
“…you are one of my go to blogs for inspiration.”—
“Oh wow! this truly speaks to me today!”—
“Beautifully written. True with no illusions.”—
“Your wisdom shines through the humor in your poetry.”—
“It’s been awhile since I’ve had time to read your stuff, but this is brilliant.”—
“Whoa. There is a lot of powerful struggle in this and it says alot about how people can be in a relationship. Incredible work!!”—
“You’re straight forward and to the point.”—
“Wow! Fierce!”—
“You know how to tell it, how you feel, what hurts, and who did the hurting. You are amazing!!”—
“I like the way you use fire in this. Good energy in your poem.”—
“Wow, intricate & precise!”—
“This is a very powerful, very emotional piece which clearly has personal content. A delight to read, but it speaks of real pain.”—
“Beautiful !!! I have to press this ! 🙏🌸🌺❤️”—
“I love the depth to which you express and how subtle and direct you get your messages across making the “receiver” really think, really dive inside and admit that they assumed so much, but YOU knew the real truth. Love it!!”—
“The choice of your words is extremely praiseworthy. Keep writing.”—
“Perfect feeling to describe the want to take every word out of his heart … and i want this right now.” —
“The depth of each word is perfect…Loved it.”—
“So relate-able!! Awesome.”—
“You’re handing out free jewelry… In other words this was a Gem…”—
“Just discovered this gem of a blog.”—
“Ack it’s like you’re writing my heart!”—
“I used to be die-hard follower of your blog but time changed, I was in hibernation mode and now coming back after long 6 months… and voila, you are more amazing.. You rock..”—
“Always a joy to read your poetry and this one is no exception.”—
“Love your work! It is so direct and penetrating.”—
“So beautiful and so sad.”—
“If you haven’t gotten addicted to Coco J. Ginger and her blog yet, get to reading!”—
“Excellent poem!”—
“Very hot…”—
“Quote is just Amazing:)“—
“You always know how to tell it the way it should be and let the readers know how wonderfully powerful you are as a writer, and as a heart and soul.”—
“Beautiful, Coco; and as always, almost as though your life is my life. :o)”—
“The state of calm comes over time, no matter the pain. Its never bliss, but its no longer the pain once felt. I love the way you wrote about it!❤”—
“Sweet and succinct.”—
“Very strong words!”—
“Pointed, painful, honest.”—
“Sometimes I read you and miss a breath. This is one of those times.”—
“Haunting! Give me chills that keep going up and down my spine!”—
“So much emotion, such a story, in so few words. Perfect. And sad.”—
“Short, but biting.”—
“You capture all emotions no matter how long or short you write. You are powerful and wonderful.”—
“I am just an avid reader of you. And I wish that I could write like you. You depicts exactly what my thoughts are most of the times. I will love to be your type of writer IF i ever given a chance. So phat!”—
“Relatable by many..!”—
Did someone already say, “Brilliant”? Yes they did. I agree. —
Wow, you have so many followers, comments, and likes! And for a good reason too! You are exceptional! I notice your posts are usually only a few words each, and it seems like you don’t try too hard. However, I still get butterflies when I read your poems. Thanks for sharing!—
“I like your writing style. Keep writing. Can’t wait to read more. You’re really good.”
““in a bed built for two made of thorns”-it’s my favorite part! Awesome!! :-)“—
‘She wanted to write about something other than love.’
Such an amazing line, I think all female writers get stuck on the subject of love after a while and it’s a right pain in the backside!!!!
“How do you say so much with so few words?”


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