The Man Who’s Only Purpose Was to Inspire My Art

July 21, 2014 § 7 Comments

PHOT-AnkZHURAVLEVA-500-H-15What if,
every encounter we ever had
was for my art?
What if,
your only purpose on earth—the only fame you would receive—
was to be my muse, inspiring me to mania?

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With You

February 8, 2014 § 10 Comments

You’re always in your head.  It must get lonely.
“It doesn’t. You’re here too. . .”

Gypsy In Waiting

January 14, 2014 § 5 Comments

Anka Uravleva
How dull he must have thought me. . .
to   simply
sit   and   wait.


January 12, 2014 § 11 Comments

Anka ZhuravlevaYou love someone p e r f e c t l y
and it fuddles them up.
People want to be loved uneVenly. . .

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