A Broken Heart

November 23, 2015 § 14 Comments

tumblr_ltxgolKhmR1qb06g6o1_500A BROKEN HEART BY COCO J GINGER

A Fool

November 3, 2015 § 9 Comments

3be6a6e6bcfa225f105b52ca77aa7567A FOOL BY COCO J GINGER

Manipulate You

October 22, 2015 § 72 Comments

tumblr_myilh1kaT31sic2wro1_500MANIPULATE YOU BY COCO J GINGER


February 18, 2015 § 20 Comments

Hi Friends!
I’m starting a Creative Cluster in the Phoenix area where we will be going through the book ‘The Artist’s Way’, By: Julia Cameron. If you live in the Phoenix area and are interested in joining this Creative Cluster, please leave a comment below so I can see approximately how many are interested.
This will be a 12 Week Course where we will be going through ‘The Artist’s Way’ together. We will meet as a group once a week for 2-3 hours and go through the tasks together. The outline of the 12 weeks will be as follows:
Week 1: Recovering a Sense of Safety
Week 2: Recovering a Sense of Identity
Week 3: Recovering a Sense of Power
Week 4: Recovering a Sense of Integrity
Week 5: Recovering a Sense of Possibility 
Week 6: Recovering a Sense of Abundance
Week 7: Recovering a Sense of Connection
Week 8: Recovering a Sense of Strength
Week 9: Recovering a Sense of Compassion
Week 10: Recovering a Sense of Self-Protection
Week 11: Recovering a Sense of Autonomy
Week 12: Recovering a Sense of Faith
This book changed my life drastically over 3 years ago, and has continued to bring life to my own creative process over and over. If you’ve already read the book… even more reason to join this Creative Cluster. 😉
The cost of this course: $0
Hope to see you soon! XO

1000 Pages

December 10, 2014 § 25 Comments


A Ghost

December 2, 2014 § 26 Comments

IMG_4510_---------_sm--------A Ghost I Coco J. GingerA Ghost Coco J. Ginger

Arm’s Length

July 23, 2014 § 14 Comments

CourtingMadnessI created all these words, hoping you
would want one,
keep one, and
beg for more.
But the more I said, the less
you cared. And the more I cared, the less
you said. The less you showed, the more
I wrote—

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More Or Less

May 6, 2014 § 6 Comments

d66b0b7c3a6a2bf26d2ce778a4da8131More Or Less Coco J. Ginger

Hard To Get

April 30, 2014 § 4 Comments

Paul-Bellaart-Dejemosdediscutir_7Hard To Get_ Coco J. Ginger


April 2, 2014 § 20 Comments

50fb9a06I hope you think I’m crazy.
I hope you think I’m crazy.
I hope you think I’m crazy.

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