June 16, 2012 § 143 Comments

it’s easy you know, this living without you
it’s breezy you know, this life stuff without you
i drink my green tea and i eat my dark chocolate
i watch Woody Allen movies til 2 in the morning
I wake up alone and don’t think about you.
you might think i’m sad, you may think i’m lonely but our 4am chats go on the same without your voice to respond to. you may think i miss you when i’m drinking my coffee- but your gazing strange eyes never show up to haunt me. it’s easy you know, this day stuff without you, my hand without yours—is perfectly happy. it’s breezy you know, this living without half my heart….
i’m following my dreams, i’m making an impact, i’m worse—-yet better than ever- this missing hellish-still loving-you—-can’t believe you’re gone this easy breezy perfect pretty life without you—greeen tea in my hand i want to scream hoping you can hear me and come mess up my life again, come back and complicate me, re-chain me so this isn’t so easy, these steps aren’t so breezy, so i don’t smile so easily—because i never thought i’d be able to live so breezily—- without you.

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