Stupid Boy

May 31, 2013 § 17 Comments

0001277“You never let a woman know she has you, it drives them wild. It’s beautiful.” « Read the rest of this entry »

power vs the people

June 5, 2012 § 40 Comments

the 48 laws of power. but i don’t want the power i want the people. and the power play you give me, I don’t want it, I hand it back, you can have it. I can’t play your game, I don’t want this change, I cannot relate, this is not the real me I am kind and caring, this is faked and calculated. And I won’t do this because this it hurts us —and I won’t let her have at you again. Tell me where I’m wrong, point out all my flaws, rejoice in my wrongs, I’ll let you recount my wrong interactions, let you    re-circle my chaotic tactics,   rehearse my dramatizations,    the games that I played in my head over time–can’t re-do.   It’s time that is ticking the time that I gamed with, the minutes I   let  loose   and   failed to introduce this   real   girl   this   great   girl, this kind and filled  with  grace  girl who loves and lets love in and hurts when it doesn’t come through and breaks down and cries when he plays her. the 48 laws of power, my 48 pages of scandal, my predisposition falsified situation, my gaming, my hearting is aching from taking and playing the 48 laws of mystification. you’re miseducated to think that i’d let you have at me again   without   the   real   me   here   to   stand   up   and   fight   you   right.

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