My rich inheritance

January 29, 2013 § 22 Comments

My Grandfather was an extraordinary man.
He changed thousands, and thousands of lives with his
encouraging words, unconditional love and kindness.
He is not alive on this earth anymore. But he has left a large legacy.
I often run into people who knew him, all they want to do is talk about him.
Usually tears form in their eyes as they tell me the story of how my Grandfather
changed their lives
Ich Liebe Dich“,
he told me every single day as I sat curled up on his lap.
Don’t ever be ashamed of who you are, or what God has given you
Those words, changed my life.
“You cannot receiveย 
more love than
you are willingย 
to pass on.
Only as you
pass on love
your joyย 
will be fulfilled.”
—E. August Hoefer [my Grandfather]
Words impact and change lives.
For the positive or negative.
What word, or phrase has altered your life?
Who smiled a look of encouragement? When you felt
you couldn’t take another step?
How will you spread your word into the world?
How will you reshape a broken heart?
You have so much power.
Will you use it?

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