Cafe Monarch

April 14, 2013 § 3 Comments

Cafe MonarchTime:  Saturday, 7:32pm
Location: Old Town Scottsdale
Music: The Bailor, by: Kid Moxie
Mood: Sexy

I’m wandering ’round Downtown Scottsdale. The library is closed. The Poisoned Pen is closed. I press my forehead against the glass window of the dark bookstore staring sympathetically at the hardbacks I should be cradling.
Displeased, I meander down the dimming streets lit  by backlights of closed speciality shop windows.
I arrive at  Cafe Monarch. A special restaurant I passionately loved once, yet… like a bad romance
Cafe Monarch is a seasonal restaurant hidden behind dark rich overgrown vines. Cash only. Reservation only.
I know it was originated for a girl like me. A girl who finds ecstasy, her most vibrant colors in her own solitude.
I open my journal and ink out letters that assembled in my mind upon arrival:

The world is so big. I have been living so small.

This is not the ‘Artist’s Date’ I expected. I have experienced more in this moment than thousands of unrecognizable  days that I had allowed to go unnoticed.
I am an artist. I am an artist, and this world I must paint.

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