A 50-Word Story a Day Keeps the Boredom Away

August 18, 2012 § 20 Comments

Guest Post Special #4 Coco J. Ginger.

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§ 20 Responses to A 50-Word Story a Day Keeps the Boredom Away

  • willmeneke says:

    good morning
    shall i author a short story from a boy with a hat who travels on trains drinking tea while writing in a journal of moving on, love, life ,music, passionate living and a woman who has just dealt him a broken heart after travels for adventure with men who write quotes of cultural dating ?
    sorry this was quick and thoughtless of sorts


    • This comment makes me like you very much. Never apologize for anything. Unless of course you break a heart. Then you shall apologize profusely & endlessly. I am hopping on a train now, green tea in hand, so I must be off 🙂


      • willmeneke says:

        it is my heart that is broken – but without love – and some heartbreak–how will anyone ever feel what life is–know the limits of expressing words – cause in the end no words can really ever express the depth of feeling on the grand scale of love – but the attempts at writings of this can be Shakespeare


      • If I could sign (I can) I’d sign you a heart…I would then use that heart to write you a beautiful poem that while read— will gain you 1000 years of smiles.


  • willmeneke says:

    i can sign some – since i have no voice – a sign of heart – or love – is crossing your closed hands across your heart – thank you for the thought – now if my spirit could but bind with a gorgeous fiend such as yours we would scorch the Heavens with our fires – a comet that the primitive peoples of this planet would worship as a gift of the Gods

    there is still some passion in a broken heart – that is the love i carry for my lost love


  • Amazing piece of writing. Paucity of words, plethora of imagery…


  • …and so, Monday – once more. Another chance to prove that all is well with the world, and that the results of the last week’s endeavours really mean something. When nothing in the office ever changes, it seems illogical to hope for a different outcome. Still, we try once more.


  • willmeneke says:

    thank you Coco – due to your little exercise of words – you left the crumbs of a taste of a delicious meal to be served within your tags for A 50 Word S0try a Day Keeps the Boredom Away – this enabled me to learn how to post links to my blog and web site that i was ignorant of before just now – plus i now have words swirling in the blender of my mind that i may add to this post later—words are much more than mere words – they can be the visual expression of emotions if not wiped from the table after a meal of poetry


  • willmeneke says:

    i hopped the Tea Train from Herwig on a Good Morning while desiring coffee and telling a short story on adventure and heartbreak to the other men sitting on the boxcar floor – the air stunk of Tea as only Tea can stink when it is wet from the passionate crying of poets and women left over in a journalist sense from dying dreams and poems
    and i asked the ghost of my lover – she since departed to other dreams – if she expected me to tame my words of passion for her ? then tame the Lion that resides in my heart – can you ever tame the Lion ? i think not – you can cage the Lion but not tame that hunger of the hunt for her love
    my words for her roam as a free expression loose on the dry plains of imagination watered only by the tears of the moon of sadness that follows me every night since she has gone – i water at these small oasis of tears so that i may trek on thru the desert in search of her with a thirst that is never quenched

    and i hunt

    Coco–again thank you – i am not sure this is what you wanted from the tags you put to the title of this blog – but i have had fun loosing the lion from his cage – it has been years since i played with others thoughts let alone my own


  • Jackie Jones says:

    She was late to the party and unconcerned with boys, trains or interludes where tea was served in prim cups, set on flowered oriental ceramic. The journal she held clutched to her chest was not hers, but from it, she had learnt things that made her distrustful of them all . . .


  • Dumu Abzu-a says:

    Dear Miss Ginger, it’s been a while since we’ve last seen another one of your delicious writings. I’m yearning for it, longing for it, aching for it…

    Get your butt moving, and touch your keyboard in a loving fashion, like you would when playing with a man!



  • Pat says:

    I slunk into your blog under cover of darkness to sip my tea (blackcurrant, ginseng and vanilla), pleased to have found this little haven of peace. The breeze blows cool. I read mini posts from people I have not met, but whose lives touch mine. I will return for more.


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